Watching the news today has me wondering what people are thinking. There has been reports about Hillary Clinton meeting with the FBI. Then about ISIS attack in Bangladesh, and the 20 people killed. Talk about the RNC and Trump going after Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Also, California just passed new laws on gun control. Aah, now there is a topic I can discuss that is hot and will get some response. When I started researching this topic, I thought it would be fairly easy and short. Boy was I wrong. This is going to be at least two if not three postings because of all the states laws out there.

Gun Control. We need to get all those guns under control. They are out there running around shooting off at the barrel and killing people. We can’t let the bad guns freedom, arrest them and put them behind bars and melt them down because they are so bad. We need more laws to keep the gun off the streets and that restrict how many bullets it can hold and how fast it can be fired. We need laws on who can buy guns and how many they can own. We need laws that restrict how they are stored (in vaults embedded in walls with alarm systems. All guns are bad it doesn’t matter if it is a revolver, a semi-automatic pistol or a hunting rifle or a shot gun. If you have a gun, the gun will make you a bad person.

Oh wait, guns don’t have legs or arms and hands. Guns don’t aim and pull the trigger that fire the bullets by themselves. My goodness where did I get that notion that guns are bad? And where did I get the idea that owning a gun will make you a bed person? Maybe it is from people who are afraid of them, blame all that death on an inanimate object. An object that when first made was to be used for good. It was made to replace the bow and arrow, to made hunting easier.

Rifles were an integral part of life in America when this country was first formed. We see that when the founding fathers inserted the 2nd amendment it to the constitution that was back in 1791. The truth of the matter is that the Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that complete banning of guns is unconstitutional. But there can be restrictions on the type of guns available for sale and who can purchase them. The laws and when they were passed and hopefully why will be in my next post.

Nana Krissy


Author: nanakrissy

I'm a 62 Year old woman who has two daughters and one grand daughter. I have interests in many things

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