Boy oh boy I thought blogging would be easy.  Yea, right just type 300 words a day and post them.  I get all these thoughts to blog when I’m driving, or in the shower, or when I’m cooking. while I’m dosing and even when I’m just waking up.  and no way to record them right then, not even a pen and paper to leave a hint at what i was thinking.  It is not as easy as some of those pushing it say it is absolutely no way is it easy ti write 300 words.

Well, maybe I can do it, you do know that Nana does says many things in a day.  Like time to clean your room. Sit up straight. Please, don’t talk with your mouth full.  Don’t hit your sister.  Little things like those thing your mother tells you to do but in a softer, kinder voice (Moms get a bad reputation). It maybe that your mother had a hard day at work or traffic was bad on her way home.  That is why parents hire Nana’s  to take care of their kids.

Well the rich parents hire Nana’s  to take care of their kids, on not kids but children.  If your  parents are not rich, then they hire baby sitters, child care services, or even their neighbors.  How the poor take care of their children, well some of them rely on neighbors doing favors for them :ie you watch mine today I’ll watch your tomorrow. Or, depending on the child’s age, they are left on their own or to watch their younger siblings.  Those children raise themselves. They have very little supervision. It is no wonder that we have gangs in the streets. Or in our schools, they had to learn how to cope and to survive every day on their own. Scared, alone, living among  the bigger meaner older children.

These children who are on their own so much soon get together for protection and to feel like they belong.  This is how gangs get started.  One of the group learns to manipulate the other children. Soon his is the leader and others look to him for guidance instead of their parents. Where are their parents?  Usually both parents working jobs but on different shifts. If a single parent they may have a second job so they don’t have the time to spend with their children.  This is how the gangs form but these children have on guidance or anyone to show them how to behave.  So they learn to defend themselves and those in their gang.  As they get older the challenges get harder and bigger.  The anger in them builds, that anger is because their parents didn’t have time for them. Just the police (cops in their terms) are used to make them behave in the neighborhoods.

The gangs are now the parents in the neighborhoods (“hoods” now). They don’t like haw the cops treat them and they don’t have money.  Maybe someone from another hood shows them how to make money with drugs, or with robbery and muggings. Then fights break out between the gangs.  Soon fists and clubs are not enough. Someone brings out a knife and someone else gets cut up or killed. The other gangs finds that one of their parents has a gun so they take that and get even for their pal being killed.  The other gang responds like wise. Now there is a turf war and both side have guns. Someone  finds a way to get guns that fire more bullets than the other gang has.

By now they are better armed than most police.  Where do we go from here. The cops and the gangs are now at war also but the police have the advantage of getting weapons of the military verity and more ammo.

The politicians now blame the guns for all the dead children and the police. But, it was not the guns that started this.  The guns were just a way for the children to try and survive in a world the seems to have thrown them out. It seems that their parents don’t want them because they are trying to make enough money to take care of their children.  The children that are now in those gangs and are getting killed or are killing others.

So you see,  we need to learn to take care of our children and to do that, parents need to make enough money on only one job.  How can we do that, maybe we need to get the jobs back that went overseas and to other countries after NAFTA was signed in 1992 by president Bill Clinton. Yes the husband of the presidential candidate Hillery Clinton who supported her husband signing that bill that started the down hill slide of our children.


Author: nanakrissy

I'm a 62 Year old woman who has two daughters and one grand daughter. I have interests in many things

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