SUBDUED- The lighter side

Subdued, it is the lighter side of life. These days life is fast and filled with so many events in our lives that most of us have a hard time keeping up with all of it.Our kids having to deal with school and homework, after school activities, and activities at home.  The parents have to get their children up for school and then get them selves ready for work. After that they have to deal with the traffic and congestion getting into the office or the store. Of course or lives get frantic as we start work, that feeling of having to do more and more and to do it faster and faster. This happens not only at work but at home also, the need to go faster all the time. If we keep this up,  going faster all the time, we may begin to fade. Our strength will begin to fade, our endurance will fade, the time we need to do all the thing in life start to fade. and we find that we are becoming lighter and lighter, or maybe it is we become subdued in life and friends.

The  lighter  we be come the more subdued we get. Soon we are so subdued the we listen and do things that we would not normally do. this country has been on that route for the last 30-50 years. Always having to go faster and things faster and live life  faster. We are now doing things so fast, that we have become subdued to all the things that are going wrong in the USA. Our sensibilities, our ability to judge thing in an ethical manor, our knowing what is right or wrong, our  ability to see the many lies that we are being told all the time by the politicians have become subdued to the point where we see only the lighter side of those we like (the dark side hidden).

We see how the actions of Hillary  Clinton have been subdued in the eyes of many Americans today. We see the same thing with Donald Trump as to how his actions have been subdued to the eyes of Americans  No matter what is said about the two candidates, if we support them then we can only see the lighter-side  of their campaigns. Hillary nice kind and sweet willing to do anything for the country. Donald strong and willing to do everything he can to make America great again.

So we as a country have become subdued and the only thing  we see is the lighter side of life.





Author: nanakrissy

I'm a 62 Year old woman who has two daughters and one grand daughter. I have interests in many things

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