Today, it can be argued that an entire genre is dedicated to yellow journalism

Every time I turn on the television or the radio, I feel like I’m halving to wade through mud as high as my knees, some times as high as my thighs. Yes I live in the great northwest and we get lots of rain this time of year but I am not talking about that type of mud. I’m talking about that mud being slung about this country by the news papers and the politicians. About those people that we trust to supply  the new and weather by which we invariably plan our daily lives.

MUD SLINGING- the use of insults and unjust accusations about someone caricature and/or reputation. This election year mud slinging is being heard and used by just about each and every person running for an elected job in the state and local and federal governments all across the USA. There has been one player in this past years MUD SLINGING fight that has had 20+ people attacking him  and yet he has come out as the head of one of the parties struggling for the prime post of wonder in this country. This past August when he was all alone at the convention, he won through to capture that flag. Slowly the other leaders of that camp started rallying around him until the other camp continued using attacks on his caricature and his past.  They know what to say totry and ruin a man. Get women to say that he groped them or tried to do so. Even had one say he did it on a commercial airplane when he own several  for his own use.

YELLOW JOURNALISM- the use of reporting news with little or no  legitimate well-researched news but instead use conjecture and exaggerations to sell news and to get higher ratings.  The news reporters take those accusations and run with them. Not really checking if the accusations were true, BUT ASSUMING that they are true. The news agencies don’t ask for proof of the attack. They know that defending against that type of accusations is all most impossible. The news agencies and the rich (who own the Media) don’t like his policies for the country. They know that he will do what he can to bring back the jobs that were lost since NAFTA and TPP were past. They know that they will have to start paying their fair share in taxes because he will close all the loophole they currently use to keep from paying taxes.

Of course he is not innocent of many of the same tactics. Name calling mainly, bringing up their past records for voting against the people’s right to own and carry a weapon and to defend their-selves.  Stating  how Obama-care is failing (premium increase of over 80% this year), outlining how to get social security back on its feet, reigning in free flowing immigrants in to our country. His plans to secure our southern border is not liked. but all these things need to be done in-order to start rebuilding this country. Our infrastructure is in shambles and he mentioned this, it needs to be rebuilt and the TRILLIONS we spend on other countries in war and in aide could be used to rebuild this country. just rebuilding the roads and the bridges would employ several million people. Raising a tariff on the companies that took their plants out of this country or they could rebuild the factories here and employ million of people now only in the factories but all those that would be needed to build those factories. These are the things he has advocated and yet the YELLOW NEWS AGENCIES refuse to acknowledge these ideas.

Yes, I am defending this man for wanting to see our unemployed being given a chance to work again. Yes, I defend him for wanting to see his grand-kids with the chance to build a better America. Yes, I defend him for his vision of America being the leader in freedom and liberty for all Americans and those immigrants who come into this country the correct way and those that embrace our freedoms and do not try and impose their religious beliefs on others by force.

His opponent in these last weeks till the vote believes that Obama-care just needs a few tweaks. She wants to bring in 500,000 “refugees” and give them more money each month (about 3,000 dollars a month, subsidized housing, free schooling) than those who worked for 10 or more years get on SSI and SSA (as low as 754 dollars a month). She wants to take away the right to have weapons and to destroy the 2nd amendment to the constitution. She uses scare tactics to get people to vote against her rival. It seems everyone has forgotten the she was involved in the whitewater scandal in the 1980’s and still believes she did no wrong, or getting the rapist off with 10 months. How about the fact that she supported NAFTA and TPP which lost 90% of the manufacturing in America to third world counties. And most of them still pay less than $1.00  per hours for their workers and work them 10-12 days. Many of them don’t have child labor laws or if they do they are very lax. She wants to privatize Social Security again. It was privet until the 1930’s when the Social Security Act was passed. Then people worked until they died or they were taken care of by their families when they were to crippled to work anymore. She wants to increase the tax on those who make the least. That is what the DNC wants.

Me. I want this country great again, so I will vote for the one who has a plan that fits my ideas and what i want for my grand kids.

Krisandra Daniels


Author: nanakrissy

I'm a 62 Year old woman who has two daughters and one grand daughter. I have interests in many things

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