Let’s go, Move it, soldier, move it. What do you think this is a play ground? Get in line there. Move it up close. Come up you lazy dogs, get your nose right it that hair line of the man in front of you.  Now stand still. The Trucks will be here in 15 minutes.

Aah the planned soldiers conundrum.  HURRY UP AND WAIT!  For 8 weeks back in the 80’s I suffered under that plan of patients  training while i was a recruit for the ARMY. It didn’t mater if you were in the reserves or the regular ARMY. It was always HURRY UP and WAIT. From the time I was awakened by a Sargent walking threw the barracks or the fire watch coming thru waking me out of a deep sleep.  Next it was hurry up and get dressed. Double time it out side and line up in formation. Then we had to HURRY UP an wait for the Drill Sargent to march us to breakfast. The whole day it was hurry up and wait fo r8 WHOLE WEEKS. I wondered what I had gotten myself into when I signed the paper work. I found out that I had put my life on hold.

After those first 8 weeks for basic training, i could have had as many as another 18 months of AIT or Advanced Individual Training depending on what specialty profession I had chosen to be trained to fill. Luckily for me, I had chosen a military profession that was a self paced program.  Meaning that I would be there only as long as I needed to be there to learn how to repair the weapons that other soldiers would use in their military professions.  I was not one of the fastest to complete the course but I was not the slowest either. I was in that training course for about 18 days to learn how to disassemble  all the small arms that the army used for protection. The smallest being a revolver to the largest being an jeep mounted recoilless rifle. As I said, I was not the fastest but I did have the highest proficiency score to that date that I graduated that course.

I did not think that ,”HURRY UP and WAIT”, I learned from my time in the military would be of much use later in my like; boy was i mistaken. I learned that any time i needed to be some place at a certain time, no matter how much extra time I allowed, I would be late. “HURRY UP and WAIT” in traffic, or at the gas station. or at the fast food restaurant. Or when you get to your appointment 15 minutes early, then you have  to  “HURRY UP and WAIT” for the person with whom you had the appointment. Especially at the Doctors office. I have waited there as long as 1 1/2 hours before the doctor care into the room. He was in there for about 10 minutes at the most then gone. More “Hurry up and Wait” for the nurses to bring back the Doctors orders or the shot or what ever we had to wait for.

Then it was pointed out to me that God also teach us to wait and to have patience with all things. And He asked where were we when He laid the foundation of the world. Why were we so impatient about all the things in our life that we have no control over. There it was, the reason I needed that training from the ARMY to “HURRY up and Wait”.


Krisandra Daniels


Author: nanakrissy

I'm a 62 Year old woman who has two daughters and one grand daughter. I have interests in many things

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