TV Dinners—now and then


Just had what passes for a TV dinner now days. At least I thought it was a TV dinner. I was supposed to be a chicken fried chicken , mashed potatoes and corn.Well i got the mashed potatoes and the corn but the meat was supposed to be chicken breast with rib meat attached. what i got looked more lick 3/8 of an inch of breading and a paper thin slice of chicken, maybe it was chicken paste added to the breading because i could not find what i would call a slice of chicken in that whole patty.  Another thing i noticed is that the color of the meal was all yellow!  I always thought that a dinner meal should have more than ONE COLOR on the plate.   Oops,  I meant  plastic tray, it was black , so i guess that i have 2 colors on the tray for my meal. Just looked at two other TV dinners I have in the freezer on is Sweet and Sour Chicken and on the box it shows 3 different colors of vegetables and golden brown entree. The other one shows all yellow noodles and brown meat patty on the outside.

When i was growing up we were served real food.  It was always on the table by 6:00 PM, and it consisted of at least 3 colors. Most entrees were brown and then 2 different colored vegetables. Now I like green beans and peas and corn and lettuce, but i could not eat raw tomatoes, and didn’t like the taste of broccoli or Brussels sprouts (the taste was to strong for me). TV dinner came out when i was growing up and they came in aluminum trays. The entrees were  about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick, then they usually had potatoes of some kind and also there was another green vegetable on that trey. This was all covered by aluminum foil and we had to wait for the oven to cook them until they were hot. They were called TV Dinners but in my family we seldom ate them while watching Television (TV for short). We were civilized and ate them at the table. then we had mabey 2 brands to choose from now i think there are about as many brands as there are letters in the alphabet.

Good Luck choosing

Nana krissy


Author: nanakrissy

I'm a 62 Year old woman who has two daughters and one grand daughter. I have interests in many things

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