Home, That is what Nana says

Hi, I’m Nana. That is what my grand-daughter calls me. She is 8 years old now and very cute. Even though I live across the country from her we get to talk some times.  Though it is mostly at the holidays.  I do wish we were closer so I can share some of my wisdom with her  but since i can not do that with her, i will offer it to others that are willing to read my rants, talks, blogs, and what ever else put up here.  Home,  the place that we grow up in, maybe good, maybe bad, but still home. Mom and Dad lives here along with yourself maybe a brother and/or a sister. Maybe just a mom and your brothers and sisters. Or maybe a dad and yourself and other kids.  Who knows, some of them could be foster kids, or adopted   All in all this is home, its about life and growing up in a place where love and respect should be freely given.  Of course no home always runs smoothly. There will be fights and arguments.  Kids won’t understand why parents set rules and parents won’t always explain why they set them.

Well, I am here to answer some of those questions the the kids have and some that the parents have. Maybe even answer them before they are asked.



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